Corporate Culture

Core concept: To create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for the enterprise, and create wealth for the society is the core concept for Yuchi and the highest principle of all our operating activities in Yuchi. Yuchi mission is to save energy, reduce emissions, to serve the society and help the society to save electricity. With a high sense of social responsibility and sense of mission, Yuchi hope to use our profession to serve the society and grow with the society.

"Creation" includes the creation of a perfect product, the perfect service and the perfect life. People work at Yuchi take the working process as the pursuit of beauty, love of life, and melts into each product. As the result, Yuchi customers can feel the effort Yuchi put into Yuchi’s products and enjoy the quality of service Yuchi brings to Yuchi’s products. The enjoyment of such service can guide all consumers and the public to pursuit the love of beauty and creation of beauty which defined the true meaning of the creation of Yuchi.

Energy saving, emission reduction, and to serve the society is the ultimate goal for Yuchi. Yuchi Belief that a company will not succeed if it cannot serve the society and bring changes to the society. Yuchi also believe that a company can only develop and grow by change the society and serve the society. Therefore Yuchi’s goal is to bring a brighter future to the society and make this world a better place. By doing that, it will not only show the existence and the value of Yuchi but it will also reflect the change Yuchi can bring to the society.


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