• YC-BH-HBL-023
  • YC-BH-HBL-023
  • YC-BH-HBL-023
  • YC-BH-HBL-023


Low WattageEnvironment Friendly, Low Energy Draw

Heat SinkDesigned to keep the LEDs cool for longer life

Powder CoatDurable, Scratch Resistant Powder Coat Finish

Photoelectric Paramerers

LED Chip: Bridgelux3030 DRIVER Brand:YUCHI
PSC CRI Colour PF Input Voltage Power Efficiency Warranty
133 ≥80 3000k-7500k ≥0.95 AC85V-265V 85% 3years
LED Chip: Bridgelux3030 DRIVER Brand:YUCHI
PSC CRI Colour PF Input Voltage Power Efficiency Warranty
210 ≥80 3000k-7500k ≥0.95 AC85V-265V 85% 3years
LED Chip: Bridgelux3030 DRIVER Brand:YUCHI
PSC CRI Colour PF Input Voltage Power Efficiency Warranty
280 ≥80 3000k-7500k ≥0.95 AC85V-265V 85% 3years

Mounting Parameters

Product Model Power Size(Φ*H) MAX Lumen @SUN series IP Grade Beam Angle Material
YC-BH-HBL-023 100W 1.14″ (29cm) x 0.47″ (12cm) 13000LM IP65 60° 90° 120° Aluminum
150W 1.34″ (34cm)x 0.51″ (13cm) 19500LM
200W 1.57″ (40cm) x 0.60″ (15cm) 26000LM

Apply to workshop, factory, warehouse, highway toll stations, railway stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums and other places need lighting.

2:Product Characteristics:
1.Adopt Super Brightness Multi-Chip LED Lighting Source, encapsulation by ourselves, Long lifespan, Energy saving, Environment friendly, High efficiency, No strobe, No ghosting, No UV, IR.
2.Use high heat conduction aluminum alloy as material of lamp body, High heat conducting efficiency;
3.Using high efficiency thermal conductivity silicon, it’s assured the heat sink of the light, the temperature of the junction is not pass 65 ℃, which is effective controlled the light degradation, the lifespan for the led
4.The range for the input voltage is wide. Which make the , are available for the global. Unique protection circuit and exact constant current system assure the abilities such as anti-interference and stability of the light.
5.Our LED Driver are approved CE CB EMC GS TUV UL ,can be available for every where.

3:Product Advantages:

1.Products using the American BridgeLux Chip,IC constant current solution,beautiful appearance,The Light efficiency is more than 120LM per watt,Through the test of high temperature 70 degrees and low temperature 50 degrees.Optical lens transmittance reaching more than 92%.The normal working life more than 50,000 hours.
2.The lifter is optional.The lifter can be adjusted the the lamp height at anytime and is easy to maintain.

4:Application Scene:

5:Installation Suggestion
5.1 Please cut off the power before installation and ensure the installation site can bear the weight of the fixture.
5.2 In order to prevent the shedding of light, please make sure the installation is correct.
5.3 Please do not use lamp in the place with corrosive gases.
5.4 Please do not cover any material on the lamp.
5.5 Brown, blue, yellow-green are corresponding to the live wire, null wire and earth wire.
5.6This product is for indoor use and strictly prohibited for outdoor and high humidity environment.
5.7 For safety, please connect the earth line to the ground.
5.8The failure of lamps and lanterns caused by decomposition, modification or improper construction are beyond the scope of the guarantee.

6.1.For indoor use.
6.2.Type Z for other models The external flexible cable or cord of this lamp can not be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the lamp shall be destroyed.
6.3.Terminal block not included. Installation may require advice from a qualified person.
6.4. Replace any cracked protective shield

7:Packing & Shipping:

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