Analysis of LED industry outlook in 2017

Data: 2017-07-31

Analysis of LED industry outlook in 2017

After the release of the 2016 annual "report card", in 2016 the economic situation, macroeconomic impact in 2015 also, slowing the decline in the LED market, with the state support for the real estate market began to pick up, but by the lack of demand trend, the economic impact of domestic overcapacity, many LED lighting industry slow growth now, including the transformation and upgrading of Shenzhen chuang'an Technology Co. Ltd.

1, 2015 global environmental constraints, pass 20%LED enterprises departure

In this regard, let us look back at the global economy in 2016, we can see that the whole year is still in the wake of the international financial crisis, the growth momentum is limited.

According to economics experts pointed out that, in the foreign economy, although the U.S. economy is slowly recovering, but the major economies Lengrebujun, geopolitical risk factors occur from time to time, the economic recovery of the road is still bumpy; in contrast, the domestic economy is affected by many factors due to economic restructuring, lack of demand and overcapacity, too faced with the lack of investment growth potential, related industries appear downward trend, business difficulties. Indeed, for many LED companies, 2016 was indeed a year of suffering.

In this year, the traditional lighting products market demand continues to decline rapidly, LED lighting and replacement after the rapid development in recent years, the slowdown in the pace of development, the industry product homogeneity competition, price competition further intensified. Chinese LED lighting demand weak, despite the rise in 5-7 months of demand, but the market in the first half and pile up in excess of requirement for the LED industry chain prices fell 30-50%, the price of products of international enterprises have more than 20% decline.

LED industry research institutions have said that by the slowdown in demand and the double impact of competition, is expected to have more than 20% annual total of about 5000 LED related enterprises to withdraw from the market. This led to the enterprises in the industry: polarization or will Hengda, as small and medium-sized enterprises to survive the An important juncture of life and death was forced to exit.

2, LED industry into the integration phase, 3 to 5 years still has a rapid growth

2016 LED industry or cold or warm have been in the past, in 2017, from the observation of the macroeconomic situation is not difficult to find that the economy is still in China virtual economy is the motive force of the development of the core industrial entities still need to vigorously support, with more and more strict policy of real estate, three or four line city real estate market downturn, insufficient domestic demand growth

In addition, in the lighting industry, the traditional source of market demand will continue to decline, LED lighting will gradually replace the traditional light source and lighting market at the same time, with the accelerating process of urbanization, to create a broad market space, so it can be expected, LED lighting in the next 3 to 5 years, will continue to maintain a rapid growth.

Due to the lower threshold, the current LED lighting industry has been the existence of structural overcapacity problems are more obvious, and thus lead to disorderly and vicious competition in the market, more especially in the field of application of the following tour.

With the macro downtown pressure on the economy and market competition, the strength of large enterprises will continue to expand through mergers and acquisitions to enhance market competitiveness, lack of market competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to gradually withdraw from the market.

The whole industry has entered the stage of integration, and the "reshuffle" is becoming more and more powerful. It can be expected that the future of LED lighting will show a pattern of demand growth and fierce competition.

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